Logo Inspiration

Through our devastation following Toby's passing, we sought advice as to how we might continue our lives in a meaningful way, while always honoring Toby. Our initial goal was to try to make a huge impact with a dynamic Foundation, but the realities of that goal quickly became apparent. We were told "The Starfish Story" by a dear and caring friend who helped us realize our limitations as he pointed us in a positive direction. Herein lies our inspiration...

A man was walking down the beach picking up starfish that had washed to shore and was throwing them back into the ocean, one by one. A passer-by confronted him and asked why he was wasting his time, as he couldn't possibly throw enough back to really make a difference. The man picked up another starfish and returning it to the sea turned and told the passer-by, "It made a difference to that one!"

And so through the dynamic starfish logo we present our goal to honor Toby and Make a Difference by touching the lives of as many as we can, setting an example we hope others will follow.

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