Making the Difference


 Goose - this is Maverick from the cockpit here, we’ve been challenged to a Top Gun Mission by Viper and Iceman at the upcoming, 10th Annual Toby Wells & Craig Castaneda Golf Classic.  Word is destination = Maderas Golf Course.  We got this one, Goose, for a simple and well-spent $325/each in ammo, we’ll take control of said destination and target to make a difference for the many kids counting on us while also taking out Viper and Iceman.  Talk to me Goose!  I’m requesting a flyby and you know what that means…I’m feeling the need – the need for speed!  Get us signed up, buddy, before the pattern is full – roger that. 

 Don’t loose that loving feeling, The US Toby Wells is accepting advance reservations now by either phoning Adrienne Wells Castaneda at (858) 391-2973 or by emailing – Admittance to this Top Gun school includes lunch, an afternoon golfing/flying adventure, drinks on the course, contests, challenges, buffet dinner and awards ceremony celebration on the beautifully-lit flight deck of the noted Maderas Del Lago Ballroom with live entertainment and cocktail reception.  Need a wingman?  No problem, we accept singles and teams and we’ll pair you up with the perfect challengers!  Roger and out. 



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